Coco Snap is at it again

by Porfiry

All negative four of you are going to be extra excited about this shit!

Say It Ain’t So by porfiry


by Porfiry

Fucking around after midnight, and came up with this mess that’s so organic, I had to get a couple minutes of it on tape just doing its thing. Bless you, Malekko.

12:06 from Porfiry on Vimeo.

The Caustic Funk

by Porfiry

Actually patched up something musical for a change.

The Caustic Funk from Porfiry on Vimeo.

Return of the synth vid

by Porfiry

As you can see I’m getting right on that module demo thing. I’m nothing if not flaky. Anyway, I really dig this patch; it’s ridiculous. All part of my strategy of playing it from both flanks…cheesy antique pop song/chaotic synth patch/cheesy ant…etc.

Shayos from Porfiry on Vimeo.

Haven’t had much time for synthing lately, but I had to get this wacky patch on vid. At the center of the “timing” of the patch is the 4ms Rotating Clock Divider, clocked by the uLFO and rotated by attenuated white noise. The /2, /4, /5 and /6 divisions are mixed/slewed by the Maths, and the Maths OR out is taken to the Anti-Oscillator. From there to the Borg filter, then through the Sound of Shadows delay and finally half-mixed through the Sherman Filterbank. Other waveshaping and delay-diddling is achieved via the Noisering and one Envelator. The Boss PS-3 is also inserted via my junky external mixer.

So basically a total mess of FM’d, AM’d, delayed/shifted confusion. Voila, “music”

Pseudo-soul explorations, vol. 2

by Porfiry

Fresh sounds for 1962.

This week’s best thing ever

by Porfiry

Even though it’s only Monday. And it was posted five months ago.

from Simon Panrucker.

Finally, perfection.

by Porfiry

I saw this and thought, “here’s my chance to really raise this blog out of the gutter and bring some Very Important Information to the people.” I think you’ll agree that this thing is the herald of profound social change.

bacon mug


Impressive that there’s no seepage!

From “This is why you’re fat”.

“The Bacon Mug – A giant mug made out of bacon filled with cheddar cheese. (submitted by K8)”

Coming soon on Subsonorous

by Porfiry

synth patching halftonezDemo videos of your favorite (or future favorite) Eurorack synth modules.

I plan on making short, 5-minute-or-so videos of the modules in flattering, illustrative, very simple patches that will allow the viewer to get his or her mind around what some of these delicious toys actually do.

Probable first up: the Sound of Shadows voltage-controllable delay by Flight of Harmony. Even the feedback is CVable on this dirty bitch…it’s really a must have, considering the price and function density (it even includes a spare cheap-but-usable VCA) in a mere 12hp package. Loving mine.

Other potential victims: the Malekko/Wiard stuff, 4ms Rotating Clock Divider, and MakeNoise Maths.

I don’t claim to be any kind of expert on synthesis, and in fact some modules like the Maths are a little intimidating on some levels even after months of use. However, most modular synth videos, my own included, usually deal with “look at my bitchin’ complex patch,” rather than “what does this module do.” I will fill your need, at least until I run out of modules. :)

Tea Party Jesus (RT @redvoid via Twitter)

by Porfiry

These are truly devastating, particularly when you click on the pictures for the definitive proof that this shit is coming out of people’s mouths.

Tea Party Jesus

from Tea Party Jesus

Click here to enjoy additional deserved mockery.

Oh christ

by Porfiry

What have I done?


Watching me for 8 years wasn't enough.

The extremes…

by Porfiry

…of what’s good and bad about pervasive technology.

The good:

And the very, very bad:

Please, don’t blame the messenger.


by Porfiry

A little something new…I should have made more video, because this is one of those rare patches I kept in place for several days…it just kept on givin’.

fraidio from Porfiry on Vimeo.